Castaways Beer Bust Leather Pride


Join us Sunday June 18th for the Castaway's Beer Bust!!!

This Month's Theme -- LEATHER PRIDE!!!!!

What color of the pride flag means the most to you? Wear your leathers/fetish gear, and the colors of the flag that best represent you and join us for an afternoon of fun, camaraderie, and the usual debauchery and mischief.

$10 Beer/Soda Bust....Jello Shots $1 each or 5 for $3

Raffle Tickets $1 each, $5 Crotch to Floor or $15 Around the World!! **ANYONE DRESSED UP IN THIS MONTH'S THEME WILL RECEIVE AN ADDITONAL 5 FREE RAFFLE TICKETS!!

Interested in becomming a member or an associate? See one of the members for information, or visit for more information.

Bring a friend or 12 and come on out and have some fun!!


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