Kruz Bar

89% love it
Everyone is welcome
Popular for the outdoor patio, people flock here for friendly company and drink specials.


    • ennisster
      ennisster Over a year ago

      I'm biased because I'm a New Yorker originally and now a Chicagoan but, for Milwaukee, this is nice. Good strong drinks. But as my boyfriend said, "feels suburban".

    • david.nice.10
      david.nice.10 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Too bad!
      Maybe the best place people can think of but it is a sad story of what the community needs. Very well done and exceeds expectations, but a sad story for our community.

    • Jmenard99
      Jmenard99 Over a year ago

      Awesome patio

    • the owner is so racist
      I stoped going ro kruz cus they always over charge you on your credit card, the owner is completely racist. Girls are not welcome to the bar. The owner said is only for "bears" and young guys are not welcome either, they have a box music but if you play songs that the owner doesnt like they skip the song. Me and my friends no longer go there to support this business, is so sad that the gay community wants to be accepted 100% by the stright society they are racist with their gaycommunity.

    • QueCandela
      QueCandela Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Love this place!
      Great bar, bartenders and drinks. The owner keeps up with it nicely -improving yearly. I like that the crowd is mostly MEN with only a few twinks.

    • SnopI
      SnopI Over a year ago
      Loves it

      STL gues in Milwaukee
      Had a really nice nite at Kruz!! We walked in , and the bartender immediately knew we were from out-of-town, and engaged us in small talk - VERY NICE! Made us comfortable. Then later on the Patio, we invited some locals to share our table and had a great conversation about the Milwaukee area, and the STL area. Would clearly go back! It likely would be my favorite bar in Milwaukee.

    • tbdz10
      tbdz10 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      burn it
      if it burns i wouldn't shed a tear

    • BillyR
      BillyR Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great Bar
      Not sure what's up with the prior post but Kruz is a great place to hang out. Nick is an awsome bartender and Ryan and Bobbie are great too. Best patio in town. Lots of regulars during the week, but can get very crowded on Firday and Saturday nights. Highly recommend. Good mix of people.

    • Re: Serge
      In reguards to the response to my posting about kruz and serge, ITS MY OPINION. Why when someone has an opinion that someone doesnt like, they say you are hating. I call it the way i see it. I see someone must be on serges payroll and got their ass on their shoulders. O well, truth hurts

    • just4men
      just4men Over a year ago
      Hates it

      I dont see why people say this bar is so great.everyone seems like robots with zero personalities.if you want to have fun go to any other bar.

    • nickschtick
      nickschtick Over a year ago
      Loves it

      previous post by gaynotsofriendly
      Serge probably doesn't like you because of your queenie attitude. Lose it and you'll find places are more enjoyable, people will be nicer to you and you'll have more fun. Unless you like being one of the ladies in the corner sippin' your appletini and judgin' and hatin' on everyone.

    • Summer at kruz
      Should be interesting to be able to see if we will be able to breathe in this place. Normally in the summer there is no air, as in no air conditioning. They can afford night club lights everywhere, but can't give us any air.

    • justozcar
      justozcar Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Friendly, Frolicking, Fracking good time...
      Kruz has two caring owners that hire wonderful bartenders to attend to a usually wonderfully friendly crowd. I miss this place, there isn't anything like it anywhere else I've lived....

    • Bayou72
      Bayou72 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      I Felt Misled By The Name...
      BUT STILL A Great Bar dont get me wrong-Very Clean-(maybe a bit too clean for me) with EXCELLENT STAFF!!! Me, Coming from another city, It was NOT what I would have expected by its Name or the Ads Ive seen of this bar in the magazine... (no disrespect). & It wasnt so much "the bar" that threw me off but the patrons.. I came after work and felt "Underdressed".. and it was like nobody wanted to sit next to me-and gave me that "up & down look".. A GREAT PLACE but just WAY TOO UPSCALE for my taste..

    • rbrep
      rbrep Over a year ago
      Loves it

      don't play the slots
      I put in 20 and turned it into 60. Went to collect winnings and was told the owner would write a check on Friday I hound that fis honest and irritating. Gave my winnings to a local